About Bernal Bucks

Bernal Bucks

Bernal Bucks is an initiative driven exclusively by residents of Bernal Heights. They are dedicated to strengthening the economic livelihood of our community. Originally with the “Bernal” tags on Dollar bills, with Bernal Gift Certificates, and now with the Bernal Card, the initiative provides incentives and systems to keep our money local. The buck shops here.

Bernal Bucks has been a member and supporter of the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center and the Bernal Business Alliance.
The Bernal Bucks program is administered by Clearbon, Inc., founded and run by residents of Bernal Heights.

Bernal Bucks Rewards Card

The Bernal Bucks Rewards Card is available to the Bernal Heights community as of June 2011. It is a Visa Debit card, issued by the Community Trust. Terms & Conditions apply.

Community Trust.

Community Trust is a division of Self-Help Federal Credit Union, a family of organizations that has an incredible track record of community development. Its branch in Bernal (at 3269 Mission St) used to be known as Mission SF, until it joined the larger Self-Help family. Community Trust represents an alternative to big banks, offering Bernal residents a way to invest in their community while getting better rates and lower fees on loans, credit cards, and savings accounts.

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