Using the Bernal Bucks Card to earn rewards

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What are Bernal Bucks?

If you live in Bernal Heights, chances are you spend a good portion of your money in the neighborhood. Local businesses know you have options. Bernal Bucks rewards you for shopping local. Think of them as frequent buyer miles for Bernal. You earn Bernal Bucks by using our special Visa Debit card at participating businesses. The program also helps fund local causes. 

How do I get a Bernal Bucks Rewards Card to participate?

You register and apply for the Bernal Bucks Rewards Card here on this site. Please follow the direction for submitting the application. Once you received the card loaded money into your account, you’re ready shop with the card and earn Bernal Bucks. 

Where do Bernal Bucks work?

You earn Bernal Bucks at participating businesses located in our neighborhood. They are listed on this site. Check back often, as more businesses are joining. You can spend the Bernal Bucks Rewards at the same businesses. Also, look out for signs at the doors and windows.
Is there is business that you would like to accept Bernal Bucks? Suggest it here. 

When will I get my card?

After successful submission of the card application, you will receive the Bernal Bucks Card in the mail in about 10 business days. In the meantime, you should establish a connection to an existing bank account of yours, so you can load the card with money to spend. If you have not received the card after two weeks, please check in with us. 

Where can I use the Bernal Bucks card?

Since it is a VISA Debit card, you can use it at all places that accept VISA. However, you will earn Bernal Bucks at the businesses in that participate in the program. 

Is there enough money on my card? How to refill it?

As with any Debit card, they money is deducted directly from your card account. It needs to have sufficient funds for your purchases. You can check the available balance on the “My Summary” page. You can move money from your connected bank account to your card on the “Reload Card” page (after login).
You can make it easier by automating the reload of your card every time your card balance falls under a pre-set amount. You choose how much money will be reloaded each time. You” find the “auto-reload” in the “Settings” menu (top of page), after logging in.
When an automatic reload is initiated, you will be notified by email. Always make sure that your other, connected bank account has a sufficient balance for automatic reloads. 

When is the money I loaded on the card available?

Typically, the money you moved to the card account is available for spending two business days after you initiated the reload (before 5pm). 

How many Bernal Bucks do I earn when shopping local?

Each time you pay with the Bernal Bucks Rewards Card at a participating business, you earn 5% of the total amount in Bernal Bucks. For each $100 spent you will have earned 5 Bernal Bucks. 

What is the card account behind the Bernal Bucks Rewards?

The Bernal Bucks Rewards Card is issued by Self-Help Federal Credit Union. The money you load on your card is held in an account that is maintained at this local Credit Union. 

Who is Self-Help Federal Credit Union?

Self-Help Federal Credit Union is a division of Self-Help Federal Credit Union, a family of organizations that has a wonderful track record of community development, with a local branch at 2430 Mission St. It represents an alternative to big banks, offering Bernal residents a way to invest in their community while getting better rates and lower fees on loans, credit cards, and savings accounts. 

How safe is the money on the card?

The money you deposit on the card account is insured up to $250,000 by the government agency NCUA (the FDIC-equivalent for Credit Unions). 

What if my card is lost or stolen?

If you need to report your card lost or stolen, please contact Self-Help Federal Credit Union (877-369-2828) immediately. 

Do I need to move my banking to Self-Help Federal Credit Union?

You can keep banking where you do it now. By obtaining the VISA Debit card used for Bernal Bucks Rewards, you become a member of Self-Help Federal Credit Union. It’s a great place to move more of your banking to, but it’s not required for participating in Bernal Bucks. 

How do I get my card statements?

The statement for the Bernal Bucks card comes electronic statements. The Bernal Bucks rewards are shown on this site, after log-in. 

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