Redeeming your Bernal Bucks Rewards

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What are Bernal Bucks?

If you live in Bernal Heights, chances are you spend a good portion of your money in the neighborhood. Local businesses know you have options. Bernal Bucks rewards you for shopping local. Think of them as frequent buyer miles for Bernal. You earn Bernal Bucks by using our special Visa Debit card at participating businesses. The program also helps fund local causes.

How many Bernal Bucks do I have?

You can check the available balance on the “My Summary” page. Please allow one or two business days for the Bernal Bucks to show up after you earned them.

What do I get for Bernal Bucks? What are they worth?

You can use Bernal Bucks Rewards to pay for goods and services at participating businesses, up to 50% of the dollar amount (not including tax and tips). One Bernal Buck for one US Dollar. Example: when you buy something for $40, you can pay with 20 Bernal Bucks and $20 dollars. Half off!

How do I use my Bernal Bucks for a reward?

On this website, go to “Redeem Rewards” and select the business where you want to pay with Bernal Bucks. You can choose the desired amount and print a voucher for that business (as with printing a boarding pass, you want to be near a printer).
The vouchers come in denominations of 10 Bernal Bucks, valid for for one month. Take the rewards voucher to the chosen business and use it to pay for up to 50% of the purchase.

Can I get change for Bernal Bucks Rewards?

No. While the rewards voucher come in denominations of 10 Bernal Bucks, the businesses cannot give change for them. (They are a voluntary reward provided by the business, not a paid-for gift certificate.)
Let’s say you want to buy something for $30 and bring 20 Bernal Bucks. You still would need to pay $15 (50%) in dollars. You better off using just 10 Bernal Bucks and pay $20 in dollars, keeping the other 10 Bernal Bucks for your next visit. Or, buy something worth $40, using 20 Bernal Bucks.

Can I go to any business to redeem my reward?

In general, any business that participates in Bernal Bucks, has agreed to redeem rewards. You choose the business before printing the rewards voucher(s) from this website. In order to keep the program balanced across the businesses, at times, a business may limit the number of rewards it can redeem. In such a case, you will notice on the website that rewards vouchers are not available for that business. You can then choose a different business to redeem your rewards at. Or, you can wait until the business has rewards available again.

What if I lost my rewards voucher?

The Bernal Bucks system keeps track of the Reward vouchers that have been used. If your voucher has not been used yet, we can send you a code to re-print it. If someone found the voucher and used it, you’re out of luck (as with lost cash).

Can I give my Bernal Bucks to someone else?

Bernal Bucks can be transferred between members of the program who have the Bernal Bucks Rewards Card. Choose “Make a Gift” from the menu and enter the recipients information and amount. After completing the transfer, the recipient will see an increase in Bernal Bucks available. Thanks, Auntie!

How do I donate my Bernal Bucks to my favorite cause?

If your cause has a Bernal Bucks account, you can use “Make a Gift” to transfer them Bernal Bucks. For selected non-profit organization in Bernal Heights, you can choose in “Settings” to have all or 50% of your Bernal Bucks automatically donated to them. Oh, they really love and deserve that!

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